LightWave 350 • 380 • 410 • 500 Tenders


LightWave 350 • 380 • 410 • 500 Tenders

The same attention to detail and design that goes into each Abel Yacht, also goes into our range of tenders. Our in-house engineering expertise and our industry leading skills in advanced technologies and composites makes Abel Yachts uniquely qualified to produce a high performance, light weight, cutting edge, carbon fibre tender matching todays modern yachts with the unique joystick controlled docking system. Each tender is available either with a Weber 85 Petrol or boxer diesel engine, either coupled with a Wbere Waterjet.

The Lightwave hulls are constructed of epoxy infused Carbon fibre and designed as a medium deadrise hull with a curved entry to limit slamming and offer a dry ride in most conditions. The fold down bathing platform and built in beach ladder make it ideal for swimming, wake boarding and other beach activities.

Each LightWave is constructed almost entirely form carbon pre-preg fibre making them particularly lithe. Built in lifting points make it simple to lower into and raise from the water.

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