LightWave Rib 2.84 - 4.0


LightWave Rib

The LightWave rigid inflatable boat comes from the same stable as other LightWaves with an innovative and proven hull design giving comfortable beam and the freeboard to keep guests safe and dry in most conditions. This LightWave is also extremely comfortable with room for 4 adults yet is powerful with the all new Weber 850 MPE engine and matching water jet pump.

Like other LightWaves in the stable the LightWave Rib is constructed almost entirely of pre-preg carbon fibre making it particularly lithe. This combined with the Weber power provides exciting performance with tops speeds comfortably exceeding 42 kn and superior overall performance than boasted by alternatives in the market.

The high fuel efficiency achieved by this light hull and power pack makes the LightWave ideal for coastal cruising and water sports.

Technical Specifications

L.O.A. – 9.3 to 13ft (3 – 4m)
Beam – 6ft (1.8m)
L.W.L – 9.8ft (2.99m)
Draft – 0.8ft (0.25m)
Dry Weight – 0,3 t (300 kg)
Max Speed – 42kn
Fuel Capacity – 14 gallons (55 litres)
Water Capacity – 9 gallons (35 litres)
Construction – Carbon fibre
Power – Weber 850 MPE Petrol or outboard
Propulsion – State of the Art Waterjet or outboard