Lightwave Ampere Luxury Runabout


The Record Breaking LightWave Ampere 18ft All Electric Luxury Runabout
And new All Electric 11ft Ampere Pocket

The innovative LightWave Ampere 18ft is a game changer in all-electric tenders setting a new European Speed Record in the Unlimited Electric Runabout Class at 32.9kn as certified by the Croatian Registry of Shipping. It ran even faster over the same course on subsequent tests averaging 35kn with a maximum noted GPS speed of 38kn.

The same electric power package is now available in the LightWave Ampere 3.4m Pocket.

The skipper will be impressed by how little difference there is between the electric and a comparable internal-combustion tender in terms of overall utility and performance. The Ampere accelerates better than any conventionally powered tender of its size, has an excellent turn of speed, yet at endurance speed offers comparable range and usability. The Ampere is a true alternative to traditionally powered vessels, offering numerous tangible and societal benefits yet the quick acceleration from instant torque makes the Ampere really fun to drive.

The power comes from an emission-free 100-kilowatt UQM 140 HP electric motor, fed by a 20 to 50-KWHr lithium-ion battery pack to suit the owner requirements and expected use. The 50 KWHr system powers the LightWave at maximum speed for 30 minutes, faster and longer than any other electric tender presently available. The Ampere will cruise at 20kn for 2 hours and has endurance speed of 6kn for 12 hours.

The electric option allows the unique Runabout design, which features an opening walk through transom, making this a truly family water fun and friendly.

Technical Specifications

LOA – 18ft (5.5m)
Beam – 6ft (1.8m)
L.W.L. – 15.7ft (4.8m)
Draft – 0.82ft (0.25m)
Dry Weight – 0,95 t (950 kg)
Max Speed – 37kn
Range – 40nM at 20kn and 80nM at 6kn
Capacity – 8 passengers + 1 crew
Water Capacity – 9 gallons (35 litres)
Construction – Carbon fibre
Power – UQM 100 kW Electric motor
Propulsion – State of the Art Waterjet