A78 Phantoms SSV

The Phantom concept from Abel Yachts is a superyacht support vessel designed for owners who want to enhance their yachting experience without buying a larger boat.

There is never enough space for everything wanted on board, regardless of a yacht’s size. Superyacht support vessels have been developed to solve this issue. The Abel Phantom offers owners a cost effective way to enjoy the versatility offered by a SSV by clearing the yacht’s decks of tenders and watercraft that otherwise take up valuable outdoor deck space.

The Phantom’s identity is about enhancing fun and adding convenience to the yachting experience, whether for existing or new build vessels. It is an additional option in the ever-expanding array of possibilities that are on offer for those who have the freedom to choose their form of fun.

Technical Specification

∼ Length overall (LOA) – 78ft (23.95m)
∼ Length on waterline (LWL) – 77ft (23.5m)
∼ Beam hull Moulded – 8ft (2.45m)
∼ Beam overall – 41ft (12.5m)
∼ Freeboard Forward – 6ft (1.8m)
∼ Freeboard Aft – 6ft (1.8m)
∼ Waterline to Bridge Top – 19ft (5.8m)
∼ Draft (Full Fuel Load) – 4.4ft (1.35m)
∼ Draft (Half Fuel Load) – 4.2ft (1.30m)
∼ Displacement Lightship – 54 t (54,000 kg)
∼ Displacement Max – 80 t (80,000 kg)
∼ Speed (Cruise) – 14 Knots (150 lph)
∼ Speed (Maximum) – 20 Knots (280lph)
∼ Range (Max Cruise) – 800nm