Company Profile

The Abel Yachts team skill set, encompasses corporate management, finance, engineering, boat building, yacht design and shipyard management. The team first came together on the construction of the high profile yacht, the 70m M.Y. Amadeus. The vessel was completed in Croatia. Following successful completion of M.Y. Amadeus the team was then engaged in the A 120M yacht conversion project. Focus is now on bespoke yacht projects and yachting products.

Abel Yachts

The Abel Yachts corporate goal is to build luxury yachts, tenders and bespoke accessories of ‘International Yacht’ quality by merging experienced yacht building management with the talented and cost efficient labour force available in Croatia. The facilities available to us come with a smaller overhead and lower labour rates when compared to Western Europe. This combined with a highly skilled marine work force, world class design, naval architecture, engineering, project and financial management creates a compelling proposition.




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